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    I just bought five acres of former farm ground. It is relatively flat. I am just beginning my search for a ZTR mower. First of all, I saw the Fast Track at a dealer the other you guys think this is "enough" mower to do 5 acres? Also, I am busy and don't want to mow for 5 hours a week....can the Fast Track do five acres in 2-2.5 hours???

    If not, what do I do? I don't want to spend over 5K...

    New Guy in Indy
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    How many times a week are you cutting this 5 acres ?
    If it is once a week, the FasTrak will take care of it.
    You are right on the edge of going from the FasTrak to maybe needing a Hustler Mini Z.
    The FasTrak will cut 2 to 3 acres per hour with ease, the better productivity of course will come with less obstacles, flat ground and the least amount of moisture possible.
    So your estimated time to cut your 5 acres will be between 1:45 minutes and 2.5 hours.


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