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    I am looking to purchase a mower for my home. I have used your units in my commercial business Z units and walk behinds. The purchase I want to make now is for my home which is slightly less than an acre smooth turf several trees and mild slopes. I am looking at a used Fast Trak what I think is a 20 hp Honda with a 52 deck (2006 +/-). I am not sure about the wheel motors/transmission in comparison to the newer units you are selling for home use today, the guy selling it wants just a few hundred less than I could purchase a new sport for. Are the wheel motors on this older unit better than the sport?
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    The unit your looking at was produced until late 2005, we came out with the new version in 2006.
    The hydros in the unit your looking at should have internal filters and are a very nice integrated hydro axle, we stopped using them due to Hydro Gear stopping production for a newer series.
    I would say they are better than the EZT's in the Sport, if you can pick this mower up for a good price I would go for it.


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