Fast wear on tires - 7x14 Enclosed dual axle

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Bought a new 7x14 in March of this season. Came standard with Bias Ply tires (probably chinese). Yes should have upgraded to radials but no, didn't do it. At any rate, I am finding the rear two tires are almost bald and need replaced. I am thinking mileage wise, only about 3K-4K miles at most on the tires. Is this fast of rate of wear normal? The front two tires seem to be wearing at a much more normal rate.

    The way my trailer hitches up, there is a slight rearward decline in the trailer from hitch to back end (i.e. not perfectly level but not far off). Would this contribute to the wear at all?

    Lastly, what type/brand of tires should I get to replace these cheap tires? My goodness, I need to be able to run tires more than 1/2 season! Would like to at least get 8-10K miles out of them, is that asking too much.

  2. greengiant9963

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    It is not the miles you have put on the trailer as much as the turning corners. The tighter the turns the more wear. I have a 18 foot enclosed and usually replace 3 radial tires a season.
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    What he said. You are going to burn your back tires off quite quick, especially if your route takes you into cul-de-sacs or parking lots where you're turning around quite often.
  4. slowleak1

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    And yes, not keeping your trailer level will wear your tires faster, especially when you factor in everything stated above. You are also putting alot of strain on your bearings, so level that trailer out.
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    So is filling up your old open trailer with dirt untill the axle bent considered loading it level?? Lol I couldn't help it.
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  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    OK, so I guess the wear I am seeing is typical.
    Will radials give me a mileage advantage over bias. Is spending the extra dough worth it?
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    Rotate the bald tires to the front and you might squeak out the season. I do not know how many turns you have to make or how narrow the roads are which can force you to take tighter turns. But we get 2-3 seasons out of the good year marathons I prefer the D rated ones and we get 10-15 thousand miles on them also after about a year or so the rears need to be rotated to the front they always wear the most. So that is normal just not in the time frame you indicated.
  8. jsslawncare

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    Is the axle bent?
  9. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    On dual axle trailer the front tires roll while the rears slide side ways when doing sharp turns. When turning try to go as wide as possible at intersections & parking lots. Don't do U-turns... go around the block. If turning at cul-de-sac, try to use as much of the circle as you can, just shy of goin into lawns? Hope you get better mileage on the next set of tires.
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    I'm using Akuret brand tires load range D radials. Four of them on an open 16' trailer. I have gotten 1.5 years or about 12000 miles and they are about half worn. I keep them aired up to 45psi and rotate a couple times a season when greasing the hubs. I have run the range C bias ply and would do good to get a few months.

    I would say that its worth a little extra for the better tire. They last 2-4 times longer and are much less likely to blow out and damage your trailer fenders. Also how much does it cost to get them mounted and balanced, same price with cheap-O or quality tire?

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