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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by coqui landscaping, Aug 29, 2011.

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    HI GUYS,

    NEED HELP, I am in the foreclosure side of the business. I used to do 15 yards minimum for this bank i used to work with until, I got offered a better opportunity with another bank now here is the thing this FUk@#rs are a pain
    they are extremely picky I mean to a point if theres a tiny branch in the pic they dont like it. So because of them being like that it has me working slower im doing 6 houses a day sometimes is like I dunno whatahek is wrong. Currently im doing about 48 yards a wk and is taking me a long time. I dont want to leave them because they do there yareds weekly and the pay is pretty good so with that being said Do you guys have any opinions on what should I do ? what kind of system do you guys use to get done faster but with high quality ?? sometimes im solo or with a helper I run a 36 gravely walkbehind without skates I literally walkbehind it can that be a big issue????

    i just need some opinions!!!

    thank you
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    well depending on how big the yards are you may wanna get a bigger mower....

    what is the reg. size yard in your area
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    48 solo is nothing to sneeze at especially since foreclosure cuts are nasty business. This doesn't sound like a better opportunity to me. Start with a sulky. At least it will be less tiring.
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