fastest crew in east coast

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by italianstallion69, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Krafty

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    What exactly are accelerated srw building techniques??
  2. muddywater

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    Well looks like you are only second fast on east coast! My record is 1000 3 gallons in a day.

    Is that an olive garden?
  3. italianstallion69

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    what takes time building walls?

    backfill. instead of using a #3500 rammer to compact we use a #36000 hoeram on a 50 series mini. compact in 4' lifts. you have to be careful not to blow out the wall. dont compact immediately near the face of the wall.

    saves mucho time.

    yes. olive garden $$$$$$$$$$. hyfr. im gonna do every darden restaraunt on the east coast. watch out now haha.
  4. italianstallion69

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    gettin there.

    what size auger bit did you use for 3#? we use 8" for 1-2 and 14" for 3+
  5. Rocha_Construction

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    Very impressive to tell you the thruth. We are a family business, so we cannot move that fast since I would be pushing my actual family members to finish the projects :)
  6. SRT8

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    Im ready to get down to S. CA , lets make a deal! =)
  7. alexschultz1

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    those coral bark maples look great grouped up like that, I'm stealing that idea from you. Nice work man, CRACK THAT WHIP.
  8. italianstallion69

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    thanks guys!

    did not forget about you Sal, trying to work on something out your way,

    got soo many dollar generals booked!

    and i take full credit for the design, although we simply execute LA designs provided

    finished pix coming tuesday!
  9. A&Jlandscapingllc

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  10. italianstallion69

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    done. 3 new sites going.

    anyone got a t4 groundhog 18" trencher for sale around pittsburgh?

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