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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by rookie03, Jan 30, 2005.

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    You can go to their website and find what all files they will accept.....and they accept a lot!!! I uploaded mine in .psd format. I have used .tiff and .eps as well. I was told by my last designer that .psd offered the truest colors. Personally, I have no idea of any truth to this....just going by what he said. 13 days is about what I expected. I was thinking between 2-3 that was good. Make sure you view the proof and accept it (if it's correct) as soon as they send it, that will speed up the process.

    Do you have any pics of your doorhangers?
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    for professional printing, you'll want to use "cmyk" colors, which is what walker's designer alluded to with the .psd (photoshop) format. you'll also want to design at 300dpi resolution, so pics you might find on a typical website (typically 72dpi) will not work for professional printing as they are too grainy.

    what software do you plan to design this in? whatever you do, just hit the respective printer's website and read up on their how-to sections which will detail what exactly you need to do, and in what format. they'll also have template downloads that will act as guides so that you can understand what useable area you need to have your design in for bleeds or cut-offs. if you don't understand what a bleed is, hit the site. that's what they are there for.

    good luck.
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    Thanks again! Excellent advise. I was planning on using some of Gopher's door hanger and flyer templates. Then doing a little customizing to fit my own preference. Looks like I'll be using Microsoft Picture It. It think it does a good job and you can save it as .psd too! What specific programs did you use? And thanks for telling me about the 300dpi.
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    Rookie.......Where in Oklahoma are you located?
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    RND signs ask for Addie or if you want basic nebs is also quick One week at your door easy.
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    If you want some free information about supplying electronic art files for a printing company, go to my website at this url.

    You will find terminology and "prepress" advice for graphics files there. I believe you will find this information to be technically correct and accurate.

    Your best turnaround time will be from a local printer, but that also depends on how busy they are. Also, you have to find out if they do 4-color process work. Your average "mom and pop" store may not have the right type of press to do it, so ask before you commit to anything. Most Commercial Printers will be able to do process color. Also, if your layout is only 1-3 colors, ask about using "Spot" color instead of "Process" color, it's cheaper, but using spot color will only work if your art is generated from an Adobe Illustrator or Freehand file, then imported to a page layout program, such as QuarkXpress, Pagemaker or InDesign. Using Photoshop will only result in files with 4-color process.

    A graphic artist formerly working for a printing company.

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