Fastest Selp Propelled 21 inch mower speed wise

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by flatland-4-life, May 15, 2010.

  1. flatland-4-life

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    Very new to this site. I tried searching for this topic before I posted it
    but I didn't see a thread just for it alone.

    Anyway I do a lot of city residential and these old houses have some crazy small access ways to the back yards and some are huge yards to boot.

    I have a Troy Bilt 3n1 front wheel self propelled mower.
    It can do the job cutting wise fine, but I would like it to move faster.
    I am tall and it is easy for me to walk fast.

    My question is, what 21 inch self propelled mowers have good speeds to them?

    I have tried those Toro personal pace mowers and they are Not faster than these Lowes bought Troy Bilts. The rear wheel Troy is even slower.
    Looks like most mowers are built using the same drives and are about the same thing when it comes down to it.

    I don't see speeds listed for any of them. Only the Exmark Metro 26 says
    it goes 2-4.1 miles an hr. Is that really any faster than these regular mowers?

    I am doing these yards that nobody else wants to do and like a true obsessive compulsive I make them look great, which means sometimes double cutting to get the beautiful finnish.:usflag:

    So line up your 21 inch self propelled mowers and lets race.
    You do you think wins?:usflag:

    BTW this site is so cool.
    I will be reading for days on all these older but interesting posts.
  2. mdlwn1

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    Try to find an old 2000-2001 Husqvarna zero turn front wheel. They were heavy but went Really fast.
  3. stephen424

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    Not sure how you can say the toro personal pace is slow!!!!
    You can literally run with it...literally
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  4. mowerbrad

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    The fastest ones that I know of have top speeds of 4.2mph, both the toro heavy duty and the exmark commercial 21. But most others even seem to be about 4mph.
  5. JCLawn and more

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  6. Glenn Lawn Care

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    i have an toro 21" personal pace. it will go as fast as you can walk and them some. a really nice mower, i'm happy with it.
  7. Robert Pruitt

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    his quote was that he was tall.
  8. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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  9. flatland-4-life

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    Thank you all for the replies.

    Yeah I think my long legs make me feel like I am waiting for the mower.

    As for the Toro personal pace, I have ran it next to my Troy Bilt
    on flat open ground [ me using the Toro and my wife with the Troy]
    and It didn't out pace the other mower, unless I pushed it and fought the self propel.

    So from what I am seeing here, it seems to be that most mowers go about 4miles hr top speed? I am not complaining, I just wondered if there was a standout among the 21's that cruised faster. Not like my Exmark walkbehind or anything, but just something that seemed to be the best choice among you all.

    So far the Toro personal pace gets the nod.

    These yards have brick fences and the backends are old brick horse carriage stalls that have no access since they sealed them up. Small gates with iron bars keep big stuff out from the front .
    I got 3 in a row at $35.00 and they take take me every bit of an hour each [ solo ] Cool looking property

    I was thinking I could get a Metro 26 in there and that would help too, plus it would be good on a few of my chainlink, small gate, city yards but I looked on here and the Metro 26 got bad reviews. I saw one used for a decent price but now I am scared of
  10. topsites

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    Every self-propelled trim mower I've ever used is never faster than I can push it,
    then once I get so tired of crawling around I do get to pushing it but the POS can't cut right anymore,
    it either misses blades of grass or gets all choked up on itself.

    What a bunch of crap, then the POS still won't turn on its own, I can't get halfway
    through a small lawn without being drenched in sweat over nothing, my hat's off to
    the guys who can do 6 and 8 lawns a day with these things because it's usually not
    long before I want to just hurl that thing in the general direction of the garbage.

    Seems to me they ought to just do away with the entire design of self-propelled trim mowers,
    but I guess I'm not convincing the folks who swear that self-propelled isn't as hard as straight push,
    whatever, I can ALMOST cut grass with the string trimmer as fast.
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