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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeg, Dec 1, 2001.

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    just came across this site tonight, Fri. 11:30 pm calif. Very cool and full of great info. I'm an official horticulturalist and have a small maintenance and installation business in Malibu. I just picked up a new acct. that's got a huge lawn!I have one single speed honda and one three speed honda and it takes close to two hours to complete the lawns! my big question is if i were to purchase a commercial mower, which has the fastest walk behind speed? and what would be my next step up as far as buying equipement to get through this job faster? I can't afford these 5000 rigs, but would spend around 1500 if something had a bigger deck and cut my time down.
  2. Welcome to Lawn Site.

    You are not going to be able to buy a fast WB for $1500 even used.

    Fastest one I can think of off the top of my head is a Lesco wb. 8mph $4300 new, in order to use it at 8mph you will have to buy a velke $300.

    I would recomend finding a use Exmark WB, make sure it's a hydro. You will be looking to spend around $2500 + Velke.

    6.2 mph is fast enough, also sound like you use push mowers most of the time, This mower will replace the push mower on any lawn it will fit on. Then it will cut your time on each job down. Less time = more money in your pocket. I would suggest buying one new but if you can'tget a good used one in great condition.

    You could find a used belt driven one for under $1500. Or could buy a new one Exmark metro for about $2400 new 48" will do you nicly from what little info you gave.

    Well good luck and use the search to try and find any info before you ask. we probably discussed it before.
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    Don't bother. Just send an address where I can keep my equipment, and I have walkbehinds and riders you can operate till your hearts content. I'll just come work for you, and you can ride a Gravely or an Exmark. Will work cheap! Wecome to Lawnsite!
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    Lawngodfather gave some good advice. Let me add to it, this site is FULL of info on equipment and size of lawns. Use the search feature at the top and start reading all the info. Since you just found this site, you haven't had time yet to see all the mounds of info. Most good shops that sell comm'l equipment will demo the unit for you. When you narrow your choices down, get a few and try them out.
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    If you will not choose a commercial Z then a hydro walk would be the next choice. If the price is the biggest consideration I would reccomend a 48" walk behind.

    Scag and Gravely make 7mph gear drive walk behinds.

    At these speeds however you will need to have a smoothe property to maintain speed.

    I would suggest demoing the Scag and the new Gravely if ground speed and price are the prime factors.

    The price of a gear/belt drive is double what you stated you wanted to spend.....happy hunting.

    Gravely Guy
  6. K9LWT

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    You may as well bite the bullet and get a new hydro. Your productivity/dependability will be what you need it to be. If you do this, you can pick up a few extra lawns and pay it off that much easier.


    You could buy a duckmaster mower for 1500, have it not run right or even break and be pissed off. It's your dinero, just my input. Good luck.
  7. morturf

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    Just curious, how big is a really big lawn square foot wise? I have been to Malibu many times and most of the lawns there seemed to be very small in comparasion to other parts of the country. Even large lawns seemed very cut-up and mostly narrow strips. Make sure you try one of these larger units before you buy one. Best of luck.
  8. bubble boy

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    don't be too concerned with ground speed, but speed overall. 48" deck travelling at the same speed as your hondas will increase your speed on the prop. due to cutting width. and a faster ground speed may compromise cut quality.

    and you can only walk so fast!
  9. mikeg

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    well now i'm completely confused. here's the low down on what is happening with this on job. 700 bucks very four weeks so 175 a vistit. It takes my guys three hours to mow and clean the beds. this is using the too hondas. 118 is the profit. for my three hours. all the other jobs i do have relatively small lawns that need one w.b. these mowers mentioned, are they shaped like my honda or are these much larger. i would love to have a bigger , faster mower for this one acct but it would take for ever to pay for itself. what i want to know is what 21" or so w.b. has the fastest ground speed. probably between honda and toro or snapper. where can i find the comparissons?
  10. scottt

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    I have an hrc216. It's a hydrostatic honda. You can adjust them to go about as fast as you can walk. I haven't had any problems from doing this. As for the walkbehinds everyone has posted about, they are a little different than your honda. Checkout toro or exmark's website and you'll see what we're talking about. They may be expensive but you can do at least twice as much work with one. You would no longer need as many employees or you could do more work in the same amount of time and make more money. If you aren't ready to spend the big bucks I would stick with what you've got and save up for a 36" or 48" walkbehind. It doesn't take long to pay for one with the extra work you can accomplish.

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