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    In 2003 I was looking for a smaller commercial mower. I went to a dealer here who had just got the fastracs to sell. The dealer told me it was a full commercial mower so I bought it. A few weeks later I ran across this site and found out it wasn't a full commercial mower.
    I really couldn't afford another mower so I just kept it to use. On this site I read that the drive system was good for 700 to a 1000 hours. I now have 1600 hrs on this fastrac with no problems at all. It has never been back to the dealer for anything.
    My question is have I just been lucky as far as the drive system goes or does Hustler tell you this so you will just buy a full size commercial unit? The drive system seems as strong as ever. Thanks robdl
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    This year we started offering a 1 year or 400 hour (whichever comes first) commercial warranty on the 44" and 52" FasTrak's, we knew guys were running them commercially with not to many issues.
    The recommended hours is a Hydro-Gear (mfg of the hydro's) item, you would need to ask them.
    We would not advise commercial use of them until we had some more history on the units.


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