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    Like so many of you probably reading this, I recently entered the market for a ZTR mower and began my research. I recently moved to a larger property with many obstacles and trees to navigate, as well as some very steep slopes as my house is on the side of a hill. My JD hydro rider had served me well for several years, but after rolling it down the hill with me on the back, I realized it was time for a safety change.

    I don't spend $5K lightly, but insist on quality and believe me, hours were spent on research to get the most bang for my budget. I had narrowed it down to the SCAG or the Hustler. I took delivery on my new 2007 Fastrack 21/54 two weeks ago, and absolutely LOVE the mower. (My neighbors do as well since I have been looking for grass to cut!)

    The stability, low center of gravity, and quality of cut are second to none. I added the mulch kit (removing the side discharge chute.Yay!), wavy mulch blades, and just installed the hour meter. The cut is amazing and the Kawasaki engine and hydros don't seem to even feel tall grass or steep slopes. The precision steering is amazing. My flex forks are on-order for the icing on the cake. I have found all aspects of the mower easy to service and adjust, which I have gone over with a fine tooth comb. This machine is built like a tank.

    I have added a couple of improvements that I noted from other posts... I elevated the seat springs by about 5/8-3/4". It was as simple as adding bushings between the springs and frame. The installed bolts had ample extra thread to accomplish this. At 6'1"/205lbs. it assists with preventing bottoming out. My tires are all at 10 PSI and I put Slime in them in case of thorns. I also welded up a 1-1/4" receiver that easily bolted on the back for moving my utility trailer and other small towables around. I can provide a picture if someone is interested in making one for theirs. (minor welding required.)

    PJ's posts have been right on the money in every way and I have used them to even school my local dealer. THANK YOU PJ!
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    Thank you for the great post!
    Welcome to the Hustler family !!

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