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    I am looking to purchase a mower for my 1 acre residence. My yard has many trees with "mulch rings" to cut around. I also have a hill and storm dranage area that runs the length of my front yard. Currently my lawn is being mowed professionally with a bobcat rider. I want to do the job myself.

    What would be the best size deck and HP option for a Fastract. It seems that the 52" deck would make it easy to trim around objects. However, I don't know if this mower would be overkill in both SIZE and PRICE. How much overhang (beyond the rear wheels) is there on the deck of a 44" unit? Is it difficult to get close to objects with the 44" deck, or do the smaller rear wheels help solve this problem?

    Also what bagging options to I have. Thank you.
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    The 52" will be best for your trimming needs, you have about 5" of trim side to work with.
    The 44" units have little to no trim side, 1" or 1.5"
    The most popular model we make is the 20/52 Honda powered unit, although the 18hp is a good deal also.
    You have a couple different side catchers available and a blower powered rear bagger available also, your dealer can fill you in on the catchers and prices.

    Hope this helps.

  3. theservicingdealer

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    I believe becuase of your mulch rigs the 52" will better suit your needs.The deck offset is much better (I Believe its 5.5") to the 44" fastrac (1.5") You will be running into the rings with the rear tires with the 44". That may be a problem . Other than that the machines are evenly matched. Drive one at a dealer and try to go around and object. I use a 5 gallon bucket for cust that are not use to driving the unit. This is the only real way you can tell what is right for you!!
  4. coolhand

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    I have a 18/44 and based on the info you gave I would go for the 52 deck. The extra money will certainly pay off with quicker cutting times. The mower is awesome. I cut my time down from almost 2 hours to 23 minutes. I utilize a side catcher in the fall to pick up the leaves, works well. The back pack unit would be the best but the price is way out there for a homeowner.

  5. dippyduck

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    Exactly how much trim area in inches is there on the 44" deck? Since the 44" deck unit has smaller rear wheels than the 52" unit, I would think that the deck would still extend, at least a little bit, beyond the rear wheel.
  6. theservicingdealer

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    Trim offset on a 44" Fastrac I believe is 1.5 inches. I believe thats why the 52"units are a faster mover for us in Vermont

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