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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by knightranger, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. knightranger

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    Hey y'all I have nearly convinced my wife that a rear engine rider (previous 12 years) is totally obsolete to cut our 3.5 acres of centipede/pensacola bahia pasture that we call a lawn, and I am just about ready to tell my dealer to deliver a fastrack 20/52 to the house, but before I do...

    I have been lurking here for a few weeks and have read most of your posts regarding this mower and would like to consolidate your opinions of it.

    If you have a fastrack or mini fastrack please let me know what your experience has been with it including how long you have had it, commercial use or no, and your overall appraisal of the mower.

    Thanks a bunch! :)
  2. Advance The Man

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    Got mine 4 months ago. Use it for residential consumer use.

    Pros: Well made. Great warranty. Like the Honda engine. Great communication here with Hustler rep. Love ztr. I paid $4850 for the 20/52.

    Cons: When you stop it w/engine running to get a toy or something out of the way, the heat from the engine kills grass (1.5' x 1.5')
    My yard has some bumps and the FT does not do well in these areas. It leaves, depending on speed, scalped areas.
    Really wish it was faster. Although I have some areas that have bumps, other areas are smooth and I feel I could go much faster.

    Regarding your yard, I wouldn't want a Fastrac - I would want a commercial one for the increased speed. More money, but worth it.
  3. nmurph

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    from ga
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    i have owned a mini fasttrak 17/42 for 3 months now. i am totally pleased. great cut, solid build, great warranty, great factory support. i agree that you might want to consider a larger model for the acreage that you have. not that ft or mft won't handle it, i just think that if my budget allowed i would bu a little larger. btw, check with BIG tractor in Lawtey, Fl. he beat the best price at 4 closer-by dealers by several hundred $$$$$$.

    find a dealer that will let you demo a ft and a mini z, and be prepared to fight with the wife as to who gets to mow. mowing will no longer be something that you dread!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Seeg

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    Be sure to buy the optional seat spring kit, it does wonders for the ride qaulity.
  5. mike28nc

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    I just received my FasTrack 16/44" last month. So far I have had some problems. One the machine tracks to the right when the handles are at the same positon like at half speed. Dealer told me that wait after 10 hrs of use before starting to adjust it (air pressure is set per the manual). Second cutting type. When I had the ZTR dropped off the standard blades was on the machine. they had to order the mulching kit (paid for when I bought the ZTR). I had problems with the cut leaving strands of grass standing. Clumping was bad but seemed to get better on the second cut. Now the mulch kit is installed and I will see how it does when my grass dries out. If I had to do it all over I would prob stay away from the mulch kit and get OCDC. that way I can cut around trees on both sides and control the grass leaving the machine.

    Over all I love the machine. May sound like I am cutting on the product but that is so far from the truth. The dealer and this web site is outstanding. Most of my things are small compared to the problems I had with my MTD lawnmower. I still can cut my grass in about 30 mins. Having fun doing it too. :D
  6. knightranger

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    My yard has some dips and humps in it too, but they are mainly out away from the house. My wife is real particular about the area 100' around the house and she understands a few scalped places out in the yard...I don't slow down much! :)

    Yeah, I'd like to go bigger/commercial, but money is a factor and somehow I have a problem going from $5k to 6 or 7k for my yard.

  7. knightranger

    knightranger LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, I will check them in Lawtey. I already have to fight with her as we have been renting ztrs to mow the last couple times. She really likes them.
  8. knightranger

    knightranger LawnSite Member
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    Hey Mike, thanks for the reply. I know that most of mowers will clump and leave some tall stuff when the grass is wet or like with the bahia around here...just plain tough stuff. I expect that since I will be spending less time cutting that I will be able to do it more often than every two weeks so that should hopefully limit the stragglers that I leave.

    Yeah, I was definitely considering the OCDC and the spring kit for it...lights too!

    Thanks again.

    Anyone else?
  9. cphilip

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    I picked up a Mini Fast Trak 36/15 a few months back. I have about a Half to 3/4 acre to mow. Sometimes do the next door trailer for my Father in law so that adds a tiny amount. Takes me a hour for mine. and adds 20 minutes to do that trailer. And several times I have done his yard as well when he was feeling poorly. Take me an hour and a half tops to do his. His is about an acre I think but a good bit of trees and shrubs. Then I have property up at the Mountains that has a little patch of grass. Maybe a 1/2 acre at most up there that I mow once a month at full up setting. I had to pretty much stay to the 36" because of some clearance issues around the little front yard and the storage Sheds door. And the mountain property is also a obstical course. Works very well for these situations.

    I had tragedy the after about five hours use. The right Hydro threw its nut that holds the Pulley on. I had to shove it on the trailer and take it back to the dealer. They ended up replacing that whole right Hydromotor as it buggered up the threads of that shaft. New belt and all later and double nut on that side with locktight (Put some locktight on the other side as well) and so far I am over 20 hours and going strong. Things happen. Looked to me and the Dealer like something should lock those nuts on there. The Right motor that went had no lock washer nor signs of any locktight. And in fact there was no room for a washer. Very shor threads on that shaft. Interestingly enough the new Hydromotor has a longer shaft. Allowing two nuts. Wish the other one did. But this makes me suspect that Hydrogear recognized the problem and altered the shaft length now. But still, more than likely, they had used Locktight up until then but just failed to do so on this motor. But thats been reported through Hustler to Hydrogear so hopefully will be rectified. Thats what warranties are for I guess. But if you wanted to check and tighten that nut... your going to have to have an Air Wrench. Because there is no way to lock the shaft while screwing the nut. An Air wrench will do it. But do keep an eye on it.

    But overall the thing cuts well. I scalp a bit. Dig in turns on wetish ground a bit. Mostly my technique is poor on the little things like that at this point. I probably go too fast in turn conditions and all and don't think about it much. When I slow down and plan more I eliminate some of it. Things I just got to get better on doing. My grass is not great stuff anyway. I do try and keep the deck unclogged each time and oil checked. And air pressure is a must. They are sensitive to that. But it runs and runs. Fun and fast. Well built little machine.

    At this point the Father in Law is ready to buy one. :cool:
  10. trucke

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    This is my second season with my 20/52 Fastrak. It replaced a rear drive Snapper that took about 1.5+ hours to cut a .72 acre lot. With my Hustler I can cut it in 30 minutes. I usually take about 45 minutes though and change my pattern each time. I keep the pre-filter clean, scrap the deck often, and sharpen my blades every 10 hours. Other than that I just gas and go. Very reliable. My turning technique is fairly good since I helped a friend out a few years ago who owns a lawn care business. Got my experience on a 24/60 Super Z and a 24/48 Short-Cut. He's had no problems with his machines either. Hustlers are not inexpensive, but if you factor the quality of the unit and how many years it will last you, not to mention reduced cutting time, they are very cost effective. I use the mulch kit for leaves in the fall. I have to go over them a few times, but when I'm done the yard looks great and I never touch a rake.

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