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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by RichR, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. RichR

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    OK....i finally set up the deck with the baffles and gator blades. After mowing my 3 not so sure im impressed with the mulch kit. The gator blades work very well. The problem i see instantly is that it suffers from alot of blow out. This is not at all fun if you have any dry dusty areas.

    My lawn has it all, a few wet areas and a few semi-dusty areas. After the first 10 minutes i was coverd in dust and micro grass clippings. (When i say dusty, i do not mean sandy conditions)

    I will take off the baffles and just use the gator blades and report back my findings. I think this situation may work better. I find that the baffles are not perfectly fit and shaped. When i installed them on the deck i noticed that they didnt complety seal each blade pockets, so i had an idea blow out may be a prob.

    The biggest reason i used the mulch kit was to eliminate the shute gard for close trimming no both sides. I may just rig up a
    quick lifting device for the shute deflector with a cable system. Also, i have a few spots where i can't fit the machine (52inch) through if i have the shute on, so it would be nice to retract it as i need.

    Next week i shall post my findings with the next setup. I'm in trested to see if anyone else has the same opinion as i do on the mulch kit.

    Rich in MI.

  2. sjz60

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    Rich, good to know your experience so far. I just bought a 20/52 fastrack. I just got gator blades for it, they are not on yet, i may just wait until next year, not sure. Dealer advised me to just use the gators without the baffles, said it worked best, based on your comments I tend to believe him.

    As for the discharge chute, I use a bungee cord to hold mine up. Lately I have been cutting with it up, I just get a little nervous about stuff flying out of it, extra caution is required.

    I am seriously thinking about getting some type of grasscatcher set up, unless hustler comes out with a bagger option..not sure. I may just bag my lawn every other week to keep the clippings and thatch down.

    So far have 12 hours on my fastrack, runs like a top. Excellent cut quality (my grass tends to be tall and damp). Love the oil filter and drain access! makes that chore a snap.
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    I've been running my 44/18 with baffles and gator blades for the past four months. I have been very pleased with the performance and have not suffered from "blow-out". Gator blades are a considerable improvement over the stock blades. Are your baffles fully seated and correctly interlocked (per included pix)?

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