Fastrack or Kubota ZG23???

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by DrGrass, Apr 9, 2007.

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    So, I am ready to purchase my first zero turn mower. I have 1.5 acres to mow and I am looking at Hustler and Kubota for my first mower (I know there is about $2100 difference in the models). I really like the overall look and seat height of the Kubota. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I had a cub cadet lawn mower since 1998 (piece of junk). The financing on the Kubota is much better than the Hustler and there are dealers locally for both. However, I am open for suggestions...
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    Have you driven both yet?
    You are comparing a commercial Kubota to a residential / light commercial Hustler FasTrak.
    The FasTrak is going to feel lower to the ground, because it is, you will feel more comfortable and also will handle slopes better.
    The FasTrak has a better warranty (4 Years on the 44/52 or 48/54 models).
    Lifetime on the frame and leading edge of the deck also.
    The Hustler also has a fabricated deck compared to a stamped deck.
    I think for what your mowing the Kubota would be overkill, the FasTrak was designed with your cutting needs in mind.

  3. blackandgold

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    Even the kubota dealers that sell hustler would tell you the FasTrak is the better choice for you. Kubota doesn't sell many ZG models, but Hustler sure sells a lot of FasTraks!!

    Buy the FasTrak and you'll wonder why you didn't buy it years ago.
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    I too am looking into the Kubota ZG , Hustler or Exmark. My criteria for the machine are 1. reduce time for mowing (currently 1.5 hours to mow about 1 acre) and 2. Eliminate the need to bag by getting a machine that will provide excellent mulching results with minimal or no clumping. Any experienced help on the 3 manufacturers noted would be greatly appreciated.

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