Fastrack or LazerZCt for 2 acres?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bufflange, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. bufflange

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    Major problem but I seem to have it down to 2 mowers for my somewhat hilly 2 acres. Hustler Fastrack 52"/20hp ($4,900) or the Exmark Lazer Z CT 52"/19hp ($5,900). Which is better or am I missing something. They seem to be the same machine but I can't figure out the $1,000 price difference.
    Any help would be great!!!
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Different units, the FasTrak uses a single drive unit called a IZT made by Hydro Gear.
    I suggest you look at the Hustler Mini Z, this unit uses the dual pump and wheel motor's (Hydro Gear pumps and Ross or White wheel motors) and is a true commercial featured unit, made for everyday mowing.
    I would suggest a dual pump and wheel motor unit due to your hilly 2 acres.
    The 19/52 Mini Z (Kawasaki engine) has a promo price of 5995.00 until the end of May.
    The Hustler will have more features also, std deck lift, std cup holder's, large 23" tires, 12 gallons of fuel on board, and a better handling unit on hills or slopes.
    1 thing to consider also......the Exmark product is sold to you by the dealer, just as the Hustler, the Hustler distributor for NY is right here in Syracuse, (I live here also) the Exmark distributor for Ny is in Lancaster NH, so if in a odd emergency parts need you have closer support, and it keeps your $$ local to the CNY / WNY economy.

  3. bufflange

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    Thanks PJ - I sent you an e-mail asking more specifc questions about the mini-Z vs the Fastrack. The more I learn it is sounding like the mini-Z given the sale price is a way better deal than the exmark CT.
  4. mowhigh

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    Both the CT and the Mini are worth the extra cost over the more residential-type FasTrac. You might also consider Country Clipper. I tried a friend's $3995 JAZee (also more of a residential unit) and was amazed how well it handled my overgrown (3-4') far back section. All Country Clippers come with flip-up decks and available single joystick controls. I ended up ordering their new commercial Charger (23hp/52") for under $5900 (the 24" tires & pivoting front axle should handle my rough terrain a lot better).
  5. bufflange

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    Thanks for the info. I thought I looked at everything before I narrowed it down to 2 mowers, but I guess I was wrong. I decided to go with the mini-Z. I'll post a reply once it is delivered and I've had a chance to mow my grass. The first cut will be a real test because I have not mowed it yet this season. I'm guessing I'll know real quick if I've made the right decision.

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