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    I am considering the purchase of a Hustler Fastrack 20HP/52" cut for use at my home, 1.5Acres. I am also looking at a Cub Cadet M48 Tank, 19HP.

    I have seen varying estimates on the blade speed for the Fastrack, what is it really? Is it underrated due to the target market? How does it compare with the Shortcut 1500? (The reason I ask is that I have seen that machine in action on my property, and I was impressed).

    What advantage/disadvantage do the smaller tires have? Does this effect the ride/handling?

    How is the transmission rated in comparison to a MiniZ or Z? How long can I expect it to last?

    Why are there no rollers on the rear of the deck?

    How deep is the deck?

    How can I expect this machine to cut on tall, thick fescue turf?

    How can I arrange a demo? I think I really need to see this machine cut my lawn before I would convince me to not spend the extra money on a full commercial mower.

    Not many dealers closeby in this area (S. NJ), but I have seen a Fastrack in person, and I feel that it is head and shoulders above the Toro TimecutterZ, and is really pushing to be a nearly commercial machine.
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    I will answer your questions here in a the order they are posted.......

    The blade tip speeds are as follows
    44 in: 13,852 fpm
    52 in: 15,797 fpm

    Smaller tires are to match the hydros in the unit, you will find the tires to be a great size for the unit, it handles excellent, and flotation in the soft ground is good also.
    As for ride comfort, it is good, if you want to make it better there is a optional seat spring kit.

    The hydros are rated for homeowner use on a riding unit, they will last you many many years (15-20 ??) if not used in a commercial setting.

    No need for rollers on the back of the deck, due to its tightness to the rear wheels and a short frame unit (less scalping)

    Depth of deck, 4 1/2 inches I believe, I have not measured it myself though, I will today and get back to you for a exact #

    Tall thick fescue is not a problem, as with any mower, sharp blades and taking off the right amount will make all the difference in the world.

    To arrange a demo call your closest dealer and ask for one. if they do not have a demo unit have them contact there factory rep and he will bring one out for them.

    As far as spending more money for a full commercial unit goes....
    Do you need it, do you have the extra money to put into it ?
    I feel that most homeowners do not need a commercial unit, that is 1 of the main reasons we built this unit.

    The Hustler FasTrak is as close as your gonna get to a full commercial unit, it was built with the home owner in mind.
    I feel the FasTrak is built better than the MTD your looking at.
    Compare units, demo them, and look at the companies that make them (history, reputation)
    I think you will find the FasTrak to come out above all the rest.

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