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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by sjz60, May 15, 2003.

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    I have the 20HP/52" cut really well from August on last year, but I have been struggling with it a bit this year. Lots of wet grass here in NJ this spring. I have been forced to double cut my lawn, due to a ton of clippings being left-and its bugging me!

    I wanted to see if I could possibly increase the engine rpm to help out a bit. Right now wide open no load..engine is turning right around 3475-3500 rpm. Dealer mentioned to me that the engine was safe to up in the neighborhood of 4000.

    Can I increase it safely? Will it help? I already dumped my gatorblades, and cleaned my deck..looking for other tweaks to help the cause.
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    If you are cutting wet grass that is really long....this will happen. All depends on the length of the cut with wet grass. There is a few areas on my property that are normally on the wet side.

    If i let it grow too long.....i will get some bogging down in that area. But if i try to keep it at a certian length...its not bad at all. And i use gatorblades......the best i have found with this machine.

    Sometimes its not possible to keep it cut and minimal I raise the deck and then double cut those areas in my yard. I also have the 20hp/52 fastrak. I am very very happy with the cut and performance of this machine with gators.....i have 3+ acres to cut every 4 to 7 days this time of year in MI.

    If you have large areas of wet tall grass to cut......maybe you need a larger machine. Hope this helps you alittle.

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