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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by halftag, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. halftag

    halftag LawnSite Member
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    After a lot of research, I've narrowed my new ZTR to a Hustler Fas Trac. My yard is a little less than an acre so I'm leaning toward the 18/44 instead of paying an extra $400 for the 20/52.

    1. Is this a good move or in the long run would the larger machine hold it's value better?

    2. The dealer told me the best price for the 18/44 is $4500 after the $700 rebate. Has anyone done better? What $ amount in accessories should I ask the dealer to "throw in" to make the deal?

  2. KBarnes

    KBarnes LawnSite Member
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    I just bought the 20/52 fas track and really like it. I can mow my 1 acre lot in 40 minutes. I would recommend the 20/52
  3. trucke

    trucke LawnSite Member
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    I purchased a 20/52 Fastrak over the winter. I use it to mow my own 3/4 acre yard and a couple of neighbors yards of the same size. An advantage you will find with the larger deck is about 4" of deck overhang (decks sticks out from the tires) on the left side. This allows you to trim closer to flower beds and trees thus reducing your time with the string trimmer. With your 1 acre lot it might save you one or two passes saving just a little more time. I would strongly recommed the optional hour meter to track maintenance. The Honda power plant rocks!
  4. Brian Fillmore

    Brian Fillmore LawnSite Member
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    If price is an issue, then you could go smaller with the 18/44, however, you will cut down your mowing time with the 20/52 and the extra trim feature is great if you have some trees, flowerbed or other obsticles to maneuver around. I would recommend the hour meter as a definite accessory along with the seat spring kit. Hustler also makes a light kit for the fastracks. These can all be added at the point of purchase or at a later date. Whichever you prefer.
  5. halftag

    halftag LawnSite Member
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    Last night I bought a Fas Trac 20/52 which included the hour meter, mulch kit, seat springs, arm rests, extra oil filter, and delivery for $4,999.00 . Should be delivered next week. Looks to be a great unit that I probably won't ever have to replace.

    Thanks to all for the advice!!!
  6. trucke

    trucke LawnSite Member
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    Congratulations! With all the goodies that were included, you got a good deal! Your Hustler will make mowing fun. They are very well built.
    I glad I'm mowing two of my neighbors yards otherwise I would never get to drive our Fastrak. My wife grabs it to mow our own lawn. She loves to do zero turns in the driveway. Smooth Honey, be smoooooth with the controls!
  7. Brian Fillmore

    Brian Fillmore LawnSite Member
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    Once you start mowing with the Fastrack, you wont ever want to get off of it. All you need is a tow-behind cooler packd with Frostys! Congrats!!!!!
  8. funderdunk

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    I think I've narrowed my search down to a Fastrak. I'm probably going to get the 20 hp Honda with the 52" deck. Just curious, trucke and KBarnes, how much did you guys pay? And halftag, did you have to barter a lot to get the add in for the $4,999 price. Any help is appreciated.

  9. halftag

    halftag LawnSite Member
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    No, I didn't have to barter to much. The sales rep. knew I was considering the 18/44 because it was $400 less than the 20/52. The new seat comes with the arm rests from the factory so it wasn't really an add on for him even though it originally was an $89 option. He basically threw in the $50 seat spring set.

    In another matter, I still have not taken delivery of mine. Apparently, with the new seat manufacturer, the existing spring sets don't line up so the supplier had to modify them to fit. I'm waiting on a call from the dealer today hoping he'll be dropping off the unit today. My grass is getting long, it's been 10 days since it was mowed. I have not been impressed with the speed the options are getting to the dealer. I bought the unit on 4/21/04 he ordered the options that day, he was expecting the items to his shop in 3 days. On 4/28/04 the options still were not in and he was expecting them on 4/29/04. Make sure you know when you will be taking delivery of your unit. Get a firm commitment from the dealer regardless of the addtional options you may be selecting. Make the dealer call the parts supplier when you are present and get a firm commitment.
  10. Ice_Gargoylle

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    HA...and here i thought you were talking about a raid card....bummer.

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