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    I have a Fatrack 44"/18 hp Kohler engine that I mow 2 acres with. Lately it has not been wanting to start the first time each week. I thought the battery was going bad but it's still hot. Turn the key and NOTHING. After several attempts, it will spin over and crank up. After it's hot or the next morning if I try to start the mower, the battery spins the engine strongly and it starts right up. Do you guys think I have a starter going out? The mower is at my weekend place about 180 miles away and no Hustler dealer in the area...
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    It sounds like a electrical issue, have you talked to your dealer?
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    I had the same problem about two years ago trying to start my Hustler. My dealer installed a heavier wire from the ignition switch to the starter and I haven't had any starting problems. I thought it was my starter also, but it wasn't the case. A Honda starter will cost you plenty!

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    I put in a new ignition switch this week end and it seemed to help the problem.
    Still had a slight hesitation but started right up all week end long. Thanks for the tip. I would never suspected the switch...

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