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    Looking for a mower for my new house. About 6-7 acres to mow half nice flat lawn, half somewhat rough. I plan to cut the nice lawn half weekly as needed and mow the other half taller every 2-3 weeks depending on how fast it is growing. I am considering one of the fastrack models and wondering you opionion. Would it be capable of holding up to this much mowing? What should be able to realistically mow per hour with the 52 inch deck? Which engine would you recommend and why? Also, what is the gauge of the deck and is it fabricated or stamped? Couldnt find this on the spec list.
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    I think you are cutting a little to much for a FasTrak, it will do it, but a commercial unit would be more suited for your application.
    I would seriously consider going into maybe a 19/52 Mini Z or even a 23/60 Hustler Z.
    Our decks on the FasTrak are 7 and 11 guage fabricated, not stamped, our commercial decks are mostly 7 guage, depends on the model.


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