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  1. bestbuyman

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    May buy the fastrack I have three acres level about sixty pine trees to cut around. How many years do you think I should get out of this mower? At three acres per week per season I live in Minnesota. Or should I get the Hustler Z this may be to much mower, can anybuddy help me decide.
  2. Doc Pete

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    Myself, you may want to fully test drive the machine on your property. I'd also try the Shortcut, which you should be able to get a good deal on. For my money, if you're just doing level ground, the Shortcut offers much more rider stablization, since any of the other riders offer none. IOW, you sound like you intend to keep the mower a long time, and without rider stablizing, your neck and back muscles have to take up the difference. 4 of my friends have been mowing for 30 years each, and none use a "twin stick style" rider. They are still in good heath. 3 other friends, that are younger and have mowed for around 15 years, use riders all the time. All three have either neck or back problems. Using a rider without stablization is exactly like driving an 18 wheeler, and it will catch up to you. At the moment, the shortcut on smooth land is a great deal.
  3. Artman

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    The FasTrak was designed and built with your situation in mind. Life expectancy for the unit, if properly cared for, is designed for 500 to 750 hours on the IZT Hydros. That is 10 to 15 years' life figuring mowing 25 times per year at 2 to 3 hours per mow. Replace the hydros and you've got, theoretically, another 10 years. FasTrak sale price: around $5,000

    The Hustler Z is designed for 500 hours' use per year! With an anticipated life span of 5 to 10 years. With same kind of useage you are talking about that adds up to 50 years or more! Hustler Z sale price: around $8,000
  4. bestbuyman

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    Thanks thats what I needed to know, I going to get the Fas Trak:D
  5. gene gls

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    This is disappointing news, only 500 hours expected on the Z hydros? I demoed a 60" Z last fall and was looking forward to buying one this year. However, with this statement I will have to reconsider. I am over a 1000 hours mowing per year and I defenitly would not want to have to change the hydros even once. My Walker has other faults but the hydros have over 2000 hours and never skip a beat.

    Whats the life expectancy of the Super Z hydros????????/

  6. excel25

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    gene gls Artman said the life was 500 hr, per year with a 5 to 10 year life, at 5 yr. thats 2500 hr. I love my super z, very smooth, great cut. I think you would be happy if you got one.
  7. Artman

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    I'm sorry for not making myself clear: The hydros are rated for several THOUSAND hours on the Z and Super Z. In fact, they carry a two year warranty. The 500 hours referred to was the average useage per year, nationwide. Of course, some parts of the country, Florida for example, have a longer mowing season and their useages will be higher. Some, like Minnesota, have a shorter season, thus averaging things out.

    You should know that Hustler has a proven track record of manufacturing VERY durable equipment. There are many, many Hustlers still mowing today that are over 20 and 25 years old.

    I am sorry for misleading you. I hope this clears things up.

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