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    Is the Hustler Fastrak suitable for commerical use? I like the compact dimensions and weight, and the 44" deck makes it fit through gates better. And I'm aware that a lower hp mower may not handle stuff a big mower will. But for part time or 2nd mower status, would it be a good choice?

    What aspects of this design would be negatives for commercial use?
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    The FasTrak is for home owner use only.
    It is not for commercial use.
    The items that differ between the FasTrak and the Mini Z or Super Mini Z (the FasTraks bigger brothers) are drive system, seat, tire size, frame differs a little also.
    The main thing though is the drive system, we use the Hydro Gear IZT system, it is intended for home use. There are a couple of other MFG's that are using this drive system in a commercial unit, but they do not have anywhere near the amount of steel we put in our units. If we took a bunch of steel out of our unit it would most likely be ok.
    If you want a commercial unit built like a tank with a 44" deck you need to look at our Mini or Super Mini Z, they even offer larger engine options.


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