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    I am looking at several ZTRs for residental use only. I have 7.2 acres of which I cut about 3.5 with mower and rest with a bushhog. It is mostly on a hill with trees. Nothing extremely steep. I currently have a lawn service cutting for me but they do not like to do residental apparentlyas they only came about once every 4 to six weeks last season to cut. They use Grasshopper 325/61 midmounts when they cut. They have no problems with my hills. My question is: Will the Hustler Fasttrack in a 20 hp/52 in. cut handle the hills or should I invest in a full size Z mower? I can get a 2003 Hustler Z 23 Kaw/60 for $6800.00 plus tax or a Grasshopper midmount 220/52 for $5995.00 plus tax.

    Please comment.
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    I would be looking into the Hustler Mini Z myself, if I was in your situation.
    The 19/52 Hustler Mini Z will handle the property your describing to me.
    You will also get a better seat, HD air filter system larger tires.
    Your statement of "It is mostly on a hill with trees" is what tells me that you need the Mini Z, the Mini will have separate pumps and wheel motors, this will allow for a cooler running system on hills, where the IZT's on the FasTrak will heat up a bit more.
    The Mini should be very price competitive in your market to any other mower.

    Hope this helps


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