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Fastrak 18/44 for $4200 ,good price?


LawnSite Senior Member
Trenton ,Ohio
I looked at a Hustler Fastrak today for 4200. I don't know much about these ,but they look to be real nice. I currently have a exmark 36 w/b and would like to get a ztr. I'm only doing approx 5 acres per week divided into 13 yards. Will this fastrak hold up? and is this a good price?


LawnSite Senior Member
first is there a honda engine on that hustler? if it's a briggs intec stay clear of it. the only thing that would not hold up would be the transaxels my hustler rep said they would go for 2000 hr's
other than that go for it

P&J Lawncare

LawnSite Senior Member
Oregon Ohio
The hustler dealer in Toledo, sells that same mower for $4000. The dealer is abco services, The number is 419-536-6123 tell them P.J. sent you so you get the mower for that price.