Fastrak 18hp Honda Running on 1 cylinder again

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    I posted awhile back about my Fastrak Honda 18 hp running on 1 cylinder. I used emory cloth and cleaned the coils and put in new spark plugs and the problem was gone for about 3 mowings. Now its back again. This mower only has 73 hours on it. Unfortunately it is out of warranty. This sure is frustrating. Anyway after I started it up today it took about 3 minutes before it started running on both cylinders. I don't want to have to change spark plugs everytime I mow. Weak coil? Any suggestions? When I start the mower I leave throttle at minimum and slighty pull up the choke knob and it fires right up and is idling rough. I then push the choke knob in all the way and let the engine warm up for about 30 seconds and that is when I try and go to full throttle and that's when it still is running on 1 cylinder. I do not wash this mower everytime I use it, although I have probably washed it 3 or 4 times, it is not stored in the weather and does stay in a garage. Should I try a hotter plug? Sorry for the rambling, I'm just a little irate. Thanks in advance for any suggestion, Paul
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    I will e-mail our resident Honda expert and see what he has to say.

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    I would consider the following:

    1st if you have not adjusted your valve lash yet it is time to do so. The intake is set at .006 and the exhaust at .008.

    If this does not make any difference i would expect an ignition problem. Have you replace the spark plugs? If so we need to determine which cylinder is not firing. Please respond to these questions and we can proceed from there.

    Jim Needham
    Kansas City Power Products, Inc.
    Authorized Honda Engine Distributor: Kansas and Missouri

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