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    Hello PJ, and everyone. I have been taking my bermuda down little by little all summer from 4" to about 1.75 - 2", and also mowing a new area that I recently sodded. The sod was top dressed to ensure it is very smooth (not bumpy) but does sit on a very slight incline around the edge of a large flower bed. I would guess no more than 3 or 4 degrees steepness (looking at it is is almost imperceptible.) The problem that I have is that the cut is uneven (scalping) as "circling" the flower bed. The lower side of the mower digs in & scalps the heck out of the grass. I have the anti-scalp wheels on the 2nd setting. Should I move them down to the lowest setting? Even on the level ground, after mowing, I cant look perpendicular to the mowing direction and very distinctly see the ridges (it almost looks like I missed 1/8 of grass, but I didnt.) When the mower was in for service I asked the dealer to make sure the deck and everything was level, which they said they did, but I think they BS'd me cause one of the anti-scalp wheels was one hole lower than the other. The deck also appears to be 1/8" or so unlevel. I counted 2-3 threads of difference in the large brass bars that lie horizontally to the right and left of the seat. What I cant figure out (common sense,) is how the blade seems to be finding its way lower than the anti-scalp wheel! Do most people run their wheels in the lowest position? Is the 2-3 thread difference significant enough to warrant what I am experiencing?

    2ns question is when I mowed at the 2.5 inch height setting (on the mower,) I wound up with a grass height on less than 1.5 inches. Is this because the height adjustment on the mower refers to "deck height" compared to blade height? DO I just need to learn to compensate for the difference?
    Thanks in advance, Jeff
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    At that cutting height you have to watch uneven areas, the 1/8th of a inch isn't enough for me to be concerned with, but if you are, I would ask the dealer to look at it again.
    Set the pin to the height you are comfortable with and go with it, or your dealer can adjust the deck indicator to match the blade height.

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    Mow 419 bermuda at 2.5 to 3 actual inches for best performance and appearance. I know that bemuda calls for a shorter height... But you don't live on a golf course... And you aren't driving a reel mower. When you are in scalp prone areas; learn to ride with your foot an the deck lift... applying just a little bit of lift up when you would usually scalp or streak.

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