fastrak 44 or mini z 36 same price

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bstroman, Jan 9, 2007.

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    My dealer is trying hard not to let me by a walkbehind including the quic 36.
    He called me this morning with year in clearence. He has fastrak with honda 16 44inch for 3999 or a mini z 36 17 kaw for 3999. I only cut 5 properties and my own house currently. So would a 36 deck be enough. Or should i get the 44 fastrak. OR HECK WAIT AND GET THE QUICK 44 IN FEBRUARY.
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    Don’t know how much help this will be but here it goes. I have 42” fast track and have accounts about like yours plus a 7-acre cemetery. As far as the residential stuff my mower is great and gets in gates and tight places real well. There are a couple of accounts I could not get all of with a 44” mower (gates), including my own yard.

    I would also think that a 44” fast track is a little underpowered with a 16hp Honda. That is what’s on my 42” and in tall grass while mulching it lets you know it’s working hard for you. Also vacuuming big leaves can be taxing on my mower. Let me say also that with sharp blades and discharging I don’t know what it would take to bog that little mower down.

    There are also pump and drive motor differences in the fast track and mini Z’s. As well as the decks are a little heavier duty on the mini z.

    The biggest thing though is the warranty between the two. This is about the only reason I wish I would have bought a mini z instead of a fast track. I don’t think you will have a piece of equipment like this that a warranty will not come in handy at some point. That is if you are working it. Hence the reason Hustler is willing to sell them for less money and still offer a good warranty for home use but only 90 days for commercial use.

    One last thing, I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with my Hustler it has been a great mower and has really done all that could be expected of it and then some. A real moneymaker with very little trouble.

    God Bless
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    That is a steal on the mini z. I was quoted $4400.00 on the same mini z two weeks ago and thought that was a good buy. Get the mini z, you will not have many gate issues with it.

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