Fastrak as a 1st Com'l mower

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    Hekko, first time poster here:

    Thinking of buying a new or slightly used Fastrak 18/44" as a first mower in my new one-man part-time lawncare business. Opinions please... The price seems right (approx. $4,000 versus $6K+ for most comm'l ZTR's), and I don't expect it to hold up as well as a full blown commercial unit, but I don't expect to put more than 300 hours per year on it anyway. At that rate, I figure it will last me at least 3-4 years before I'll need to replace the hydros. However, the top speed (or lack thereof) concerns me a bit (maybe not a factor for mostly residential work).

    Anybody out there using Fastraks for commercial use? If so, does anyone have more than 1,000 hours on theirs?

    I'm also looking at Wright Standers or just buying a used 36" WB w/sulky as an alternative. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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