Fastrak Blade engagement?

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by RichR, May 18, 2003.

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    Hi, Just wondering at what % of throttle should i engage the
    blades on my Fastrak 52/20 unit? Is it to much for clutch to take
    at full RPM's ?

    Also, with 35 hrs on this machine...what kind of maintenence should i do? I cut 3 times this season and about 6-7 times last season. I keep my air filter and foam clean every run. I did change the oil at 20hrs. When i started this season, all i did was put in fresh fuel,lubed the zerks on the fron wheel axles, and checked the air in all the tires.

    I am using a set of gator blades and they are ready to be sharpened. I will get another set for a spare. Then use the stock blades again in the heat of the summer slow growth period.
    Should i take apart any of the pullies, do they need lubing? Not sure if they run on percision bearings??

    Is there anything else i should do? I dont care for the local dealer which is about 30 miles away. So i like to do the maintence myself if its not a big deal.

    So far, i have not had 1 single problem, except the auto shut-off seat sensor was bad when i got it. I have been so happy with this machine. Thank you Hustler for such a awesome ride!

    Thanks for any advise.
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    You should be engaging your deck clutch at about 3/4 throttle, and not in heavy grass, this will allow for the clutch to engage smoothly.
    As to maintenance, I would look in my owners manual and do the scheduled maintenance listed.
    There are no bearing or pulley you need to remove, grease and clean, the bearings used in our units are all sealed.
    Sounds like your having typical trouble free use of your FasTrak, like so many others out there.
    Thank you for your patronage


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