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    i'm looking at purchasing a fastrak ztr for 1.5 (relatively flat) acres of residential use, and i've narrowed my choice down to the 44" fastrak. how much difference in blade tip speed, and quality of cut between the 16hp and 18hp honda engines? will i even notice the difference between the two?

    also, what is the life expectancy of a machine under these "minimal use" conditions, assuming routine maintenance is performed (i need to justify the $4-5k investment with my wife)?
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    There is no difference in the blade tip speed between identical 44" decks.
    The extra HP will help you in those heavier mowing months, and if both units are driven @ speeds in relation to the cutting conditions they will both leave a excellent quality cut.
    Assuming the unit is taken care of properly, this unit could easily last you 20 years on the size property you have there.


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