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Fastrak Difference

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by flgtr95, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. flgtr95

    flgtr95 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 20

    What's the difference between the 44/52" Fastrak and the 48/54" Fastrak other than the obvious deck size? Additionally, my local dealer says he cannot get the 48/54 until he sells his remainig inventory of 44/52"s. Is this Hustler's policy? Also, I have been considering the Mini-Z 19KAW/42". My 2-acre bermuda yard and surrounding area gets pretty dusty and I was thinking the heavy duty air filter might be better in the log run. I kind of want to make this my last mower purchase for a while (~10 years) if I'm going spend $$$. Thanks.
  2. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Syracuse, NY
    Messages: 9,763

    The drive system is different, the new units use ZT series axles with spin on oil filters.
    You have new gas tanks with sight gages and larger gas cap's, a rubber discharge chute, more engine options, taller thicker rear bumper, seat with a slide adjustment and a thicker frame.
    And of course 48 and 54 inch decks compared with a 44 or 52.
    Its not Hustler's policy, but I will say the 48 / 54 FasTraks are in very tight supply.
    The Mini Z 36 / 42 uses the same drive system and other than deck size is very similar to the 48 / 54 FasTrak's.
    You will get a better 4 year warranty on the FasTrak compared to the Mini Z carries a 2 year warranty.
    The air filtration system on the FasTrak is commercial, just not a cannister system.

  3. rstadt

    rstadt LawnSite Member
    Messages: 8

    Is the drive system the same in the Fastrak 54 and the Mini Z 52?
  4. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Syracuse, NY
    Messages: 9,763

    No it is not.
    The FasTrak 54" uses Hydro Gear ZT series axles (2) they are integrated units.
    The Mini Z 52" uses Hydro Gear BDP-10 pumps (2) and White CE-12 wheel motors (2).

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