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    I've about decided on a Hustler Fastrak for my 1 acre with steep slopes that I mow every 3 days during growing season. I'm impressed with the size and construction of this Z however, I'm hung up on the IZTs since I see better drive systems on some less expensive Zs.

    I called Hustler customer service and was told that the Hydro-Gear IZTs changed around March 2003 and that they now come with a "charge pump" which makes them better then before. What is a charge pump and how much does this help the IZTs?

    I've been advised that "oh, you'll probably never wear out those IZTs" but I'm kinda picky when I spend this much money and don't see why I need to settle for a component that's not up to the same level as the other parts of the Fastrak. Maybe I'm too picky :confused:
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    First, I am sorry for the delay in posting a response, I am playing catch up from being out of my office for a while.
    The FasTrak in you situation is not going to be your best choice, your best bet would be a unit with separate pumps and wheel motors.
    Steep slopes are where a pump and wheel motor combo will beat out a IZT system, the added pressure and heat from operating on steep slopes will shorten the life of the IZT system, with the weight of FasTrak and you as a operator.
    I would consider a Hustler Mini Z, this unit is the big brother to the FasTrak, very similar design but with pumps and wheel motors.
    The 19 / 52 has a MSRP of $7295.00, and I am sure your dealer can give you a better sale price.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the help. This confirms what I thought but was confused by the dealer assuring me that it would handle the slopes. He even demo'ed the Fastrak on a slope and the IZTs were whinning very loud.

    I don't think I will pay the extra for the Lazer ct but it is certainly a nice, well designed unit. I for one, would rather pay the extra and have a Fastrak with a decent hydro system.


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