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    The Promo Price list shows the following model:

    FasTrak Super Duty 48"
    928374 (FSD23KAW48) $5,799

    The MSRP list does not include the exact model above, but does show the following similar model:

    FasTrak Super Duty 23HP Kaw /
    48" STD FSD23KAW48STA (928374) $6,699

    The "STA" refers to a seat upgrade, right? Is this feature available with the promo pricing? (In other words, is the FasTrak SD 48 with a flex/suspension seat now available for less than the MSRP of $6,699)
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    The "STA" is a reference we use internally at the factory, there is not a seat upgrade or a Flex Seat option for the FasTrak or FasTrak SD's.
    The 2 units you have listed there are the same exact mower, MSRP is the higher price, promo price is the lower price.
    Hope this helps.


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