Fastrak Spindle Replacement

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by jason9696, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. jason9696

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    I have searched for my question, but to no avail. I have a bad spindle (wobbling, grinding noise, loose) and would like to know if I need to purchase the whole spindle assembly, or if the bearings can be replaced individually.
  2. hustlermidwest

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    There are two schools about this. When i was a dealer I would just drop a couple of new bearing in the housing. Trouble was I never got the life out of those spindles than if I would have gone with a complete assembly. When the factory installs the bearings there are put it properly and in line with each other. Field replacement isn't always done correctly and bearing life is shortened.
    In my older wiser age, I just replace the whole assembly. It's quicker, easier and stronger.

    Brian O
  3. jason9696

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    Easier and lasts longer?!? That sounds like the option I will be taking. Ha. Thanks!
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  4. 74Scooter

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    I found new bearings for $5.00 each and was able to rebuild mine for a lot less that way. Regardless of the relative ease at $10.00 per spindle for a rebuild vs $70.00 for a new spindle. Labor time was a bit longer to press in new bearings but that was easier than the time and effort to steady the pulley on the top of the spindle while I removed the bolt holding the pulley. Guess it depends on how valuable your time is.

    BUT - From your description... when the unit bearings are that worn, the chance of the housing and shaft being damaged is pretty high. In my case I had one spindle out of 3 that had deformation on one end of the housing including some wear on the bearing seat - no choice there but still $20.00 to rebuild two vs $140.00 that's a big leap. Even if I only get 4 years instead of 8 out of a set of bearings. Seating the bearings isn't going to be that tough, find an auto shop with a bearing press unit.
  5. ACSMOD11

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    I have a Fastrak SD, what is the part number for the bearings?
  6. MullumMow

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    Hi ACSMOD11, Don't think it's got a HUSTLER part ID, but while my Hustler is a "Z" I expect that it would all show the same way on the FT SD, as code marking on the actual bearing, alternatively bring one into a bearing shop, they would likely be able to match it up based on size and use.
  7. ACSMOD11

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    Thank for the reply! Took the bearing to local Napa dude and he had them in stock. Got them changed today.

    All maintenance is done and ready for spring!!!

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