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    I need help deciding between the 42" vs. 48" Super Duty. If the 6" difference in deck size is not an overriding factor then which one would you say is a better machine for the money (design, cost...) My understanding is the 42" is actually a mini z renamed vs. the actual super duty line that was released last year. So are there differences in the deck and overall design of these machines? Gator and Wavy mulching blades are listed as accessories for the 48 but not the 42, does that mean they can not be used on the 42. Are there other differences?

    Also, I'm hearing that prices on commercial machines are going up after the promo ends this month, since these (Fastrak & Super Duty) are grouped as residential on your website, will their prices be affected as well?

    By the way, will be mowing about 0.75 acre/week, level lot.

    Would also like to hear from owners of either units as well, pros. and cons., what you like and dislike.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Both units you ask about will do your lawn with ease, the difference being a narrower framed 2 bladed deck in the FasTrak SD / Mini Z, both teh same unit with a different decal after January 1st of this year.
    The 48" is a larger / wider framed 3 bladed deck unit.
    Gators and wavy mulching blades are available for all of our mowers including both that you are interested in, so no problem there.
    Pricing on all of our mowers are going up next Friday, not just the FasTraks.
    How much storage space do you have? any gates or tight areas between trees? I would lean towards the 48" if you can get it everywhere you need to mow and have ample storage space for the larger deck.


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