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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mansfield, Jul 4, 2006.

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    I have read hundreds of threads and you guys are terrific. It is great how you help each other through customer problems, pricing, equipment, etc. I hope you can assist me with my purchase decision. I have 1 acre and I am looking for a good zero turn mower that will deliver good quality cuts for many years. The 1 acre is level and smooth with 50% St. Augustine and 50% burmuda in the rear and the property is located around DFW. I have read many of your selections in previous post however, I am a trying to keep the price reasonable. The mowers listed in the chart are what I am comparing for my purchase. I have the actual prices I was quoted today.

    1)The fastrack was short for my legs and my chest was very close to the levers. The interesting note was the mini fastrak had more leg room and chest room than the regular fastrack.

    2) How important is the fact that some of the engines were single cylinder?

    3) Some of the decks were 2 blades and the others were 3 blades. Is the quantity of blades very important in the decision.

    I would appreciate any comments and any recommendations that you would select. Best Regards and thank you for your already great site at

  2. CletusT

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    You may want to check out the Toro ZX series. I was between the ZX480 and the Mini-Fastrack. For me, the ZX480 beat out the mini-fastrack on features and engine size, but if I were going one step up I would have bought the Fastrack.
  3. CletusT

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    Meant to specify Timecutter ZX series. Though I would go with the 52" deck for better trimming if I were to do it again.
  4. Mansfield

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    Tnanks CletusT, I will look at theTimecutter ZX. I have not seen that one yet. The problem I had with the fasttrak was the leg room and the chect room. I was surprised because the "Mini" fastrak had more room than the regular fastrak. Do you think 2 blades on a 42" deck is good? How about single cylinder vs. a twin? Thanks for the info.
  5. ThirdDay

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    Message From Admin - Dealers Cannot Post About Their Product Lines
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    Well three blades Vs. two really doesn't matter just after a certain cutting width 44" I think they need to spin three in order to fit in the deck. Two big blades won't really work. On the engine a twin is usually quieter, and smoother and a better overall life of engine. The singles are not bad but I would look at a twin. I have a Fastrak 20/52 and the leg room is cramped I am only 6 foot on a good day. The handles can be adjusted out and up, you should be able to get a better fit on those. The Mini does have more leg room (longer frame) but I think it is narrower in the frame than a Fastrak so not as stable on hills. How much of a factor is that I couldn't say.
  7. I just spent time yesterday with my Hustler dealer. I'm looking for something to trim for the big machines plus dress up some of the smaller front lawns.

    He has Fastracks sitting all over 'cause he can't sell 'em. The bigger Hustlers are selling like hot cakes.

    He quoted me $4350 + tax for the Mini Z Model 19/42. It's a commercial grade unit for virtually the same price as your homeowner grade unit.
    That's a 19hp Kawasakai with a 42" deck.

    Even for only one acre you'll like the commercial grade Mini Z better than the Fastrack. It has a better suspension seat, bigger drive tires, and probably lots more.

    It's my choice.

  8. PaulJ

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    The levers on the fasttrack are adjustable for more chest room and the seat should be adjustabel as well unlesss it is already at the rear limmits. double check the machijne you tried and see if it can be adjusted more for your comfort. It looks like hustler warrenty is double the rest. that should tell you something about the mahcine. I have ran the 20/52" fasttrack and it did well and was comfortable for me (i'm 6'and over 250#).
  9. CottonPatch

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    Mini Fastraks carry a three year P&L warranty.
    Fastraks a 4 year P&L warranty.

  10. Mansfield

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    I have not seem esteem mowers but I will search for them.

    The dealer did adjust the fastrack and moved the levers away from my chest. But that caused the levers to be farther away in drive mode. Really too far away. The seat was set to the farthest rear position. The seat is bolted down but can be adjusted. We had the seat as far back as it would go.

    This dealer has complained to Hustler about the seat and the lack of adjustment. The odd thing is the seat has space to move to the rear and not get in the way of the engine.

    I did not look at the mini Z 19/42 because the dealer said the next higher price models were $6500 and up. I will go check the mini Z out and see what he will quote. I do not think this dealer was drowning in the mowers.

    This dealer said that hustler has moved all of its models to 4 year warranty bumper to bumper (less wear items like belt, blade, filter). He said the longer warranty is brand new and the literature has not been updated yet. They had a big poster declaring that in their lobby.

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