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    I have a 2006 FasTrak with 191 hrs. that has a failed right side Hydro-Gear 2600 Motor. My Dealer informed me that the Drive is Obsolete with no parts available. A replacement “Kit” is available for $1500.
    After a search of this site, I found the earliest reference to the Motors being obsolete was in 2010. A 4 year old mower and parts become “obsolete” ? Even at 7 years, repair parts should be available.
    My Dealer has gotten the local Hustler Rep to prorate the cost of the new Trans down to $1050. Wow,,, what a great deal after only 191 hours. My 23 year old John Deere is still on all the original parts except for Belts & Front tires and all the parts are still available!
    So I have two questions;
    1.) What was the actual date the transmissions became obsolete with parts unavailable.
    2.) Will the New Hustler “Replacement Kit” transmission be compatible with the left original Hydro-Gear 2600 Trans Motor?

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