FastTrak or Mini FastTrak?

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by ClipperZ, Apr 6, 2005.

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    What are the advantages of the FT over the MFT? I would get the 42/16 Honda MFT or the 44/16 Honda FT. The difference in price at my dealer is $300-$400 more for the FT. I read that more accessories are available for the FT, like striping kits and such, so that is an obvious plus for the FT.

    Assuming that either would exceed my specs for a new machine, should I go for the FT or save some bucks?

    By the way, I demoed a MFT 36/16 Honda today with the new rear bagger system. The bagger system works stunningly well. I had to work to clog it. Finally, set at 2" in lush, thick fescue, it clogged. This was only a test and does not represent how anyone would actually cut fescue as a normal practice. It is pricey ($549), and overengineered, but man, does it work!

    FastTrak or Mini FastTrak, what say you?
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    Why is the catcher over engineered? it is as basic and simple as we could make it.
    How much grass are you cutting? do you need a smaller deck for tight areas?
    These are a couple questions that should help you decide.

  3. ClipperZ

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    Overengineered in this case is a compliment. Where others use a hard plastic shell for their bagger, Hustler uses welded up steel plate. It is heavy but it sure works well. The problem with steel is that if you hit something with it in a turn (it makes the mower lonnnng), steel can bend and become deformed whereas plastic can resume its shape after a nudge.

    As for the lawnmower choice, a 44" is the maximum I want to use because of the rolling nature of the property. The 42 is probably the ideal size. I can get a 44" anywhere I would take a 36" so that is not a factor. I am cutting about an acre, half fescue and half Meyers zoysia. The fescue part is open and flat and the zoysia is sloped and manicured.

    The Mini FT seems like a good choice but I haven't really considered a regular FT until recently and I wonder if it has any advantage for me except being a heavier duty machine. I will out live either, I am sure.


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