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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Father&Daughter Lawn care, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Just a guy who has worked in the LC business for 10 years. I worked for a small company about 45 accounts for 9 yrs. This year I left and sought work elsewhere. In doing so I opted to start my own company. I have about 20 accounts. The joy is I allow my daughter to work with me. She is 10 yrs old. It gives us time together and teaches her about what a work ethic is. Her job is to pick up the yard of debris and than do the final clean up such as blowing off the sidewalk, curbs and drives. She get between $5 and $10 dollars per cut. I would like to think that we could continue to do this until she is old enough to take it over. So far so good.
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    Wow, your post takes me back. This is how I started too, with my Daughters, and now the oldest runs the high area accounts, while the youngest runs the mow'n go service. My Middle daughter helps with the pavement sealing & Line Striping. Was soooooooo many years ago they were picking up litter, just as you described. Enjoy the time together, it flys by :)
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    Nice --I have four daughters and I bought my oldest (13) a riding lawn mower from home depot (she picked it out) and she mows a few lawns that are really flat and easy on the eyes(no stripping) No way is she ready for the W/B or zero turn. She just straped on a blower last week and helped me with fall cleanups. Seems to like it, I hope anyways...good luck with your daughter and hope all goes well for you.:waving:

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    Thats an awesome way to keep kids off the streets, and out of trouble. Plus it gives them an appreciation and value of money. Keep up the great work.
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    Having a strong and responsible parental figure while growing up is the way to "keep kids off the streets and out of trouble". If you're a baby with a baby and your momma was a baby with a baby and didn't know how to raise it proper, that new baby isn't going to be raised any better.

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    That's awesome, man. I wish you the best of luck.
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    I think its great , I started out the same way with my 2 boys 7 years ago and now we have a very well established full service company , doing everything from lawn service res and comm to final grades on new construction houses , and we are growing every year and expanding our services as we go and grow , take care and God Bless ya ...
  8. Father&Daughter Lawn care

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    Thanks guys for all the comments. I also have a 4 yr old son. Some day (maybe) I will have to change the name to something like "Family Tradition Lawn Care".
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    You sound like a great dad! Youve already achieved success in this business in my opinion.
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    This is a neat thread. I have two girls-2 and 6. Like everyone out there, we were shooting for a boy the second time around but it didn't happen. I grew up doing this and envisioned having a son to take over the business one day. I've always been big and strong and a "work horse" in the family and was always told by my father that you can't expect girls to do what I did. So, here I am with two beautiful girls that I wouldn't trade for all the boys in the world. Who knows, I may be where you guys are one day. It's refreshing to know that girls can do these kind of things:clapping::clapping:

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