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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by noiseyvoyzey, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. noiseyvoyzey

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    whats up everyone, my father in law has decided to get into the business part time (after I refused to take him on as a partner), so i sat with him and tried to steer him in the right direction (to help keep the peace on the home front, just gotta help out dad!)
    well any to my point. he found this mower on ebay built by better outdoor products. they call it a quick36. its a 36 inch hydro fixed deck 13 horse briggs and straton. I already told him not to bother with it but he wont listen to me. so i was wondering if anyone knows anything about this product.

    here is a link http://www.betteroutdoorproducts.com/quick36-tour.htm

    thanks alot

  2. bastalker

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    Whats the story behind your father in law wanting to get in this biz part time?

    You have been in the biz for 3 years, an probably makin a good living by now. Your in law sees this, an wants a piece of the action.

    You were smart by turnin down his partner offer! I am just curious as to why he suddenly has interest in the industry. I imagine he has a full time job am I correct?

    Is this a feable attempt to out do his son in law? Please do tell..
  3. muxx

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    I am in a similar situtation. My father in-law has helped me for several years now, and the past few have been pure hell. Now, he got an old Turf Ranger, hydro parts in a box. I went and picked it up, he paid for parts, and I fixed it. Now engine carb needs rebuilt, so I hauled it to a friend to have it fixed, will have to go pick it up when done. After fixing this thing up with no father in-law around to help, he wants me to give him a couple of jobs to start. Hello, I don't remember anyone doing this for me, and where are my few starter jobs??
  4. Royalslover

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    Better than your mother in law wanting to go into business.
  5. GrassBlaster

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    I don't know if this is 100% on or not, but I remeber a guy coming on one of the boards a awhile back and talking about building and marketing a mower directly to the user...no middle man. The price would include shipping, etc. A lot of guys blasted him over the service issue. I wonder if this is the guy.

    I considered going to look at one of these mowers, just because they're about 45 minutes up the road from me.

    I had requested some infor fom them, and the turn off for me was the fact that they only offer a 1 year commercial warranty.
  6. STAN1366

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    Maybe if there's no way to convince him not to get into the lawn biz, throw him the jobs you have, but don't want. PITA's, dog poop, hilly, etc. Let him bust his ass a while and he'll give it up. Do some advertising and pick the best ones. The others get refered to "dad". If he does get that machine, help him maintain it well as you'll probably be picking it up cheap in a short time!
  7. noiseyvoyzey

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    Its a classic case of "well if he can do it I can to". He does work full time as a QC manager he makes good money. I dont want to try and stop him, if he thinks he can do it great but i know he will just become "the guy with the mower" and i would like to try and prevent that. The funny thing is when I started out all I heard from him was "why dont you just get a real job" funny isnt it.
  8. noiseyvoyzey

    noiseyvoyzey LawnSite Member
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    I wouldnt give him any jobs, I would guide him on how to get jobs but i wouldnt give him any (unless i was I was to busy, then I might give him 1 or 2 accounts) .
  9. proenterprises

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    funny that you should mention that quick36 machine. i just found the website yesterday. i wasnt sure if it had just popped up this season or has been around. i researched it, and to be honest it dosent look half bad.

    its hydro, strong deck, solid machine. and a 2 year warranty, all to your door for under 2K.

    i was looking into grabbing one of these (i still have a POS for a primary machine)

    The thing that really grabbed my attention was the fact that it had a stronger engine than most 36:'s ive seen. Wouldnt hestitate to put a sulky on it.

    anyone have one of these, or any other oppinions?
  10. proenterprises

    proenterprises LawnSite Silver Member
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    and also-

    depending on your relationship with him-->you could always throw him those 2 bitching old ladies down the street:D

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