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  1. Charles

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    HOw do you guys deal with the fatigue that comes along with this job? During the season, I stay pretty much worn out all the time after work. Just sit and flick the tv. Until I fall asleep. Now on the weekends my girlfriend won't let me sleep or spend the whole time watching tv lol. I drink coffee in the morning. Take a vitamin. A 16 oz coke for lunch. Beer for supper. I am still lucky if I am awake after 10pm. How boring!!! My gf work 2nd shift. Its friday night and i should be out partying like i use to in my younger days lol. But I am exhausted and the recliner and the cabie is calling :) Anyone got a super legal pep pill?
  2. Guido

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    Hey Charles

    I Have sort of the same problem...........except mines a wife!!

    She doesn't understand why I come home exhausted after a tough day at work and just want to lounge around. She always wants to get out of the house, she can't dear watch me hanging around. A friend of mine gave me a couple of energy pills for working out called Thermodrine, I think. They did the trick, just don't take them anywhere near bedtime, or you'll be tossing and turning all night!!

    Too bad I'm in the military now or I could have hooked you up with some gooooooood stuff to do the job!! LOL


  3. I took a cruise to Bermuda from July 26 thru Aug 2 from

    The seas were calm and the weather was partly cloudy with
    low humidity in Bermuda while it rained in buckets almost
    every day in the northeast. I took a nap every afternoon and
    ate as much as possible.

    I finally got cut up will all my overgrown turf and
    now the weather is forcast to rain for another 3 days.
  4. Charles

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    Ya Guido, thanks for the tip. Never heard of that stuff. I check it out. Yea thats right about gfs and wives. They don't understand how labor intensive this job is. And all the driving we do. Or how much the sun and humidity drains a person......
  5. Charles

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    Lawrence, man that what I need too. Go on a cruise. i went to myrtle beach. But was only gone 2 days and all that driving wore me out lol
  6. geogunn

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    charles--get ahold of yourself man! you are in by far too an important a business to worry about a girl friend. where are your priorities?!

    forget friday night. forget the chick. the drugs...don't get caught. now...got to bed and get some sleep! let's hear about those clippings flying tomorrow!


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