Faulty Hobbs Meter

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by drtwpmd, Jun 11, 2009.

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    A quick question for those of you with Hobbs meters on your machines. I purchased a new Gravely 260M 60" ZTR w/ 25hp Kohler Command at the end of March for purely personal use (mowing about 3-4 acres every 10 days or so). At purchase, the Hobbs had <1 hr on it (0.6 as I recall). Love the machine, mows well, etc and have racked up about 17 hrs on the mower to date. Therein lies the problem, according to the Hobbs I've got 77 hours on the machine. Somehow or someway an extra 60 hrs has accumulated on my meter and I don't know how to correct it. My hope is that its only a little glitch in the display adding the flag on a 1 to make it a 7, so when it comes time to roll to 20 hrs the Hobbs will show that and not 80 hrs. I suppose its not a big problem since I know exactly how many hrs are on the deck and engine, but I would like it to reflect the true amount. Also, although I do not ever foresee selling the machine, cannot rule it out and potentially an extra 60 hrs could detract from the selling price?

    I don't think the key was accidentally left on while the unit was parked in the garage, but possible. Since the Hobbs lights up when the key is on, but engine off, I am assuming the meter runs even if the engine isn't. However, would find it exceptionally odd for it to rack up exactly 60 hrs before I discovered it. Regardless, is there anyway to adjust the meter if it doesn't correct itself when the clock rolls to 20? Haven't contacted Gravely or the dealer yet, thought I would try this forum first. Thanks in advance.
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    No way to fix, that I know of. Other than replace it and you're back at 0. As you covered in the later part of your post my thought and I think it has happened to most of us at some point. The key was left on. My helper has done it twice but it was at the end of the day and found it first thing in the morning, so roughly only 8-10 hours not 60.

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