Favorite blow-off line, and collection line.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by spray_man, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. spray_man

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    I love blowing-off a customer that is coming back after trying somebody else. Or a customer, I know is going to bust my chops. My favorite line is "I am not doing any one-time customers, and I already have enough regular customers"

    My favorite collection line is "Am I sending the bills to the right location? cause they seem to be getting lost in the mail - or something."

    What are your favorite blow-off lines?
  2. mngrassguy

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    "You can't afford me".
  3. LushGreenLawn

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    I personally like customers who ar4e coming back after trying someone else. Generally, they stick with you forever at that point, because they realize that they have.

    I think sometimes we get personally offended when someone tries a new company, but realistically, none of us are 100% loyal. Do you get gas from the same location every time? Ever switched from one TV company to another, Tried a new grocery store?
  4. vegomatic40

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    It certainly depends on the individual customer with me. If they have been high-maintenance with seemingly endless questions and/or complaints, I have told them that "I cannot guarantee the same price when they return". People that have the added frustration of being slow-payers or even no-payers I take particular relish in. Those folks get my standard "we have re-evaluated our role as your lawn-care company" (in other words you are fired) and then provide them with the number of the crappiest outfit in town.
    I've often speculated on creating a database of former customers that have generally ticked me off and then sharing them with other companies that have a good reputation. Sort of a "BBB" in reverse. The other members of the service would pay a small fee/year for access to the information. This info. would not contain any proprietary info. such as sq.ft.. price or the amount they had been bad-debted on. This would simply be a lawn-care "black-list" as some people are perpetually moving from company to company trying to find the perfect outfit that will make their lawn look like the 11th at Augusta for $19/app.
    I'm not even sure something like this would even be legal, but I do reserve the right not to serve someone that is a PITA.
  5. garydale

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    We have a few old PITA customers like all of us do. I usually tell them that they are not good candidates for service because they won't follow our recommendations.
    I've told afew they are too slow paying. Probably 25% of the ones I've told off change their ways and stay as clients.
    If they are super PITA's I refer them to my competitors.(They deserve each other)
  6. humble1

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    Im not proud i always take them back, just how much are they going to pay. lol

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