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North Alabama
I'm in need of a tractor for bushhogging. Tried to do a search, but didn't find anything helpful. Looking for something in the 45 to 55 HP range. Do any of you have a favorite? Would like to buy used, but will buy a new one if I have to. Will only be used 20 to 30 per month. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Stuart H. South


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I am in brushoggin also i have 2 Kubota's one has a 5ft brushog and the other has a 6ft brushog the oldest kubota has 6,000hours and i have only replaced teh battery twice and the waterpump once and the ohter kubota is new and has only 300 hours ans so far trouble free.If i was in the market to buy another one it would deffintly be a Kubota

John DiMartino

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Kubota,Ford N/Holland,JD and Massey 's are all good tractors-Id pick the one that has a dealer close to you,and takes care of you if you snap the PTO shaft off on a saturdat afternoon.I preffer Fords,only because the dealer is close and good,and the have larger displacement per HP,which gives them a higher torque rise and pulling power.They ahve been bulletproof for me also.I like kubota's too because most have multi-speed PTO's and reverse fan cooling that blows hot air out in front of the operator-great in the hot summer.JD's have always been good,as have MF.At 50+HP,all these manufacturers tractors are american built,49HP and under are compacts and all built in Japan by different companys,then rebadged as JD,Ford,MF.etc..

We have two Ford tractors one 32hp and one 45hp never had any trouble with them, just minor wear items, (water pump, belts, ect) but as said go with the dealer that is going to treat you the best.Just my two cents


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the new kubota 4610 i would have to say. just got one on the farm this year and are extremly pleased, great power and handling and all, very easy to use too.


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Marysville, WA
Well, up here in Wa, John Deere is the best known. I think a 5000 series would be good enough. Maybe a 6000 series, no more than a 6200. Kubotas are good too but I think the John Deere is a better tractor. Kubota parts are hard to find and expensive for me but it might not be that way for you. I think you'd be better off new or one with low hours. I would also buy something pretty new maybe 5 years old if you can. Good luck.:)

Hardy Enterprises

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Vicksburg, MS
I have a Kubota M8200 that I use to pull a 15ft batwing. I love it, great machine, no problems. I can mow grass 3-4 ft deep and the tractor doesn't ever grunt. The older Massey, Ford, and JD are great machines but I am leary of some of the newer machines by these companies. Be sure and find out were is was built. I know some of the Masseys are built in Poland and Bulgaria. I was talking to a guy the other day that had a brand new JD and I ask him if he looked at a Kubota before he bought his JD. He said no he didn't want no Jap built tractor he wanted an American made tractor. I was looking at it and found a tag that said made in Mexico. The Masseys built in Great Britian are pretty good but be careful of them built in third world countries.



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My favorite tractor is a International Farmall Super M-TA.
Do most of the brush cutting with a Farmall 350 or NH TC-35D.
Make sure you have live power or an over rideing clutch on the mower.

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