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  1. AEW

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    Ok stupid question...but is there a favorite list where you can add threads and go back to reference them...or is the only way to do this with my favorite list outside of this site...For some reason I was thinking there is a favorite list here and you can add threads to go back and view them. Maybe I am thinking too much
  2. MudslinginFX4

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    AEW I've never seen a favorites list that you can put certain threads in but you are able to subscribe to threads if you want. Maybe I am wrong and there is another way to view your favorite threads but this is what I have always done. If you want to subscribe to a thread you can go under thread tools and click on subscribe thread.
  3. Tvov

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    I just make a short reply to threads I want to keep track of, and I am emailed whenever there is a new response. If I want to go back to an old thread, at the very least I can just search under my own name, and the thread will come up (along with other threads I've responded to). Also, I just remembered about going to your "CP" and looking for your "subscribed" threads.

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