Faxed signature legal for contract???


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Spring Hill, FL
I've got a new customer that was referred to me. I've never met the person but have spoken with him on the phone. He agreed to my price and asked me to fax him my aggreement. I did so and he faxed it back with his illegible signature on it. I live in Florida. Is a faxed signature legal in Florida for purposes of a contract or aggreement?


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S.E. Michigan
It is in Michigan and other states, but you'll have to give your Atty Gen. office a call and find out.


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Brookings SD
We always treat faxed signatures as if they were original, but I always request that they follow up by mail with a signed original.

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I think but im not sure about this. But i think it is. I just refinaced my house, and i faxed some things that i signed, but i think i had to follow up with mailing it also. I think a faxed signature is good for a certain period, like 48-72 hours. I dont think it will do you any good in court if you would happen to do that 3 months from now though.

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