FB460 valve adjustment

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by thinksnow, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. thinksnow

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    Ok fellas, I posted this last week but no one replied so I give another shot. Im trying to help one of my buddies adjust the valves on his Kawi FB460. Does anyone know exactly how to do it? Thanks.
  2. mike76

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    To adj the valves on the kawi take the two bols out of the valve cover then remove the spark plug. Turn the flywheel with your hand till the valve are both all the way up, take a straw or electrical wire and roll the piston to the top of the cylinder. Lossen the valve adj. then slip a feeler gauge under the rocker at the valve, tighten the big nut till the gauge is snug the tighten the set screw. If me memory serves me i think that the valves are .004 intake and.006 exhaust, but you might want to call you local dealer to make sure. Hope i helped, should be faily easy. Good luck
  3. thinksnow

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    We'll give it a shot. Thanks, I appreciate it.
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    Hey thinksnow something Mike forgot to say is you have to make sure your on compression stroke !

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