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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bobzam, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. bobzam

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    I am going to try a carburetor from ebay first but considering replacing the motor on my Encore 48k200. I really don't want another Kawasaki if the parts are going to just go away - this also needs a new peerless trans so I may be putting about $900 into it...
    My trans is 5 speed w/reverse but there are no numbers on it to determine if it is the 9 or 36 spline - 1 gear works fine so I will likely use it until it gives out completely. I only use it for my residence and it is less than a 1/2 acre. Any advise on what model Brigs would fit? Can/should I bump up the hp over the 12.5 fb460v? The deck and everything else are in fantastic shape so I don't want to just go grab another used one for 800-900 and face the same thing in a few years.
  2. Breezmeister

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    A Kawasaki replacement engine for that is the FH430v As for the Peerless, there should have been a little tag on the back, what I can tell you is that it is a 700 series. You will have to take one of the Jackshafts off to see what spline you have.
    If you need any of the manuals, just Google your md. number.
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  3. DT Lawn Care

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    Ya, I had one of those 460v's go out, and I'm looking for a good used motor now. I swore to myself I would never buy one of those again unless it was like brand fricken new.

    I'm looking to replace with a Kohler Command single, because it looks to have the same output shaft and bolt pattern as the 460v. I have 4 of these Commands, never any serious problems, aside from a choke problem once and a bad coil on a 20 year old one (still runs strong):).

    Good luck
  4. WhitakerServices

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    the problem in your trans may just be worn keys. If that is the case the parts are only about 50$ or so. The repair is not that hard to do and is something that all belt drive walk behind owners should know how to do. My scag needs keys about every other year.
  5. bobzam

    bobzam LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    Think this may work? http://tewarehouse.com/PA-41582
    "If you are using this engine to replace an FC420V Kawasaki, make sure the oil filter placement of the Kohler doesn't interfere."

    I don't see why the oil filter would be in the way? Maybe the muffler???
  6. WhitakerServices

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    It should bolt right up. However you will have to be sure that the crank will accomidate your mowers pulley/pto setup.
    I have had a few 15h Kohlers and I wouldn't expect much power gain over the 13h kawi.
    the Kawi always seemed to have more torque than the Kohler.
  7. B&A lawn care

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    We replaced the FB460 in our Emark WB with 13HP Honda and love it. Small Engine Warehouse has great deal on them right now at $469 to your door. Was a direct bolt in deal mechanicaly. Simply remove the supplied tank (if you need to) and hook up your fuel line, The wiring change over was dead simple for all but the most challanged electricaly. We also made up a battery box and hooked up the electric start but you dont have to as it starts easily. I think we could pay for the conversion in fuel savings alone.

    Here is a link to the Honda.
  8. bruno_rs

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    hey bob, i used those engines (fb460v) for years... early on in my career. i have to say, that engine eats up valve seats and blows head gaskets. unfortunately the seats are pressed and not serviceable. i'm not sure why you think the carb is in need of replacement but i can tell you that is what i thought the problem was with mine. i went to the expense of completely rebuilding then brand new (carb) replacement and still had the same problem.

    got tired of "valve grinding" every season so i replaced the 12.5 hp with a new 14 hp kawi... the difference was night and day. not only was it more powerful but with the overhead cam, fuel consumption was almost 1/2!!! sad to say but the japanese engines are way more bulletproof. you couldn't pay me to take a briggs. i see you're interested in kohler... only had 3 machines w/kohler (scag turf runner, 2 toro groundsmasters)... each had quirks and the fuel efficiency was NOT there at all.

    my .02... i'd stick with a larger kawi or honda as a new replacement. good luck. make sure you let everyone know how you make out. hope all is well otherwise. have a good one.
  9. DT Lawn Care

    DT Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yeah totally agreed. On my 460v I replaced the intake valve and it made it only a little while before it quit running, and then the exhaust valve and the same thing happened. I'm sure it's the camshaft now which is absolutely not worth replacing. My 420v (14hp) is 500 times better of a motor. No problems, more power, and it has the overhead valve like you're saying so it hopefully will never have that problem at least for a very long time. By the way I have never had a machine go bad that has an overhead valve.
  10. bobzam

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    B&A- I ordered the Honda on Friday - hope it gets here soon. I am having trouble removing the belt and trans pulley. Any help there would be appreciated. SEW was most helpful in looking for a direct replacement. What did you use for the keyed start?

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