fb460v wont start or spark

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by papd, Jun 16, 2008.

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    I was given an old (OLD like '87) bobcat mower. I was told that when it was last used bout 2 years ago it ran fine. The mower itself is actually in ok condition, just appears to need some tlc, but it has a Kawasaki fb460v on it that doesnt run. There's a small sticker on it that says FB460V AS14. I can't read the serial number. It's been sitting for a few years with fuel in it so I'm assuming it at least needs carb work.
    Anyone know if i can even get parts for this? If so where should I start?
    It's not imperative that I get it running, but it would be nice.
    Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I just resurrected an Exmark walk behind in the same condition with same motor. There is only two parts in the ignition system, the coil and the ignitor and they will set you back the better part of $100. AFTER I replaced them on the Exmark I found the problem was in the safety system. Pull the top shroud and sand the flywheel magnets clean and check the air gap, should be .012" I think but you can set it with a business card just as well. You will see the coil, follow the small wires to the ignitor, its attached just under the flywheel on the right side, about the size of your thumbnail. There will be two wires going top your safety switches and one going to the coil. You need to unhook both wires that go to the safeties while leaving the one going to the coil attached, then try for spark. If you get spark then fix the safeties remembering that they ground the small wire to kill the motor, please dont leave them unhooked. The carb is probably gunked with varnish, there is a drain valve on the carb bowl or remove the bolt on the bottom and remove the bowl and clean. If that doesnt do it you need to remove the carb and clean completely.
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    Thanks for the help! Pulled the coil and the igniter and ordered new ones along with a new plug. Haven't dived into the carb yet...not looking forward to it, hopefully just cleaning it will do the job.

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