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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by kc2006, Feb 12, 2006.

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    I was looking at a local companies website, they're by far the largest and most prestigious company around here. They have a good 20 people working for them, plus all the mexicans they bring in, 8 plow trucks, are mostly into landscaping but offer all services.

    I'm looking at all the employee's and equipment and I think to myself...I know I will never be that big, and I don't want to be that big.

    Does anyone else have these feelings? I'm not sure what it is, but I have no want to get big into extensive landscaping, maybe because I don't know a lot about it. Thats how I am I think, if I don't have extensive knowledge on a subject I feel threatend by it. Thats how I was with fertilizing, I used to think I'd never get into that area (when I had no clue about it), now I'm going to take my exam this week and I'm comfortable with that field.

    I'd almost say I'm afraid of growth, but I'm not...I'm afraid to go into something blind. My goal for my 4th year in business is to have a second crew with a full mowing schedule, and myself with a laborer doing landscaping/maintenance work. Steady growth is what I want.

    Just wondering if anyone else is like this? (winter discussion, bored)
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    The Peter Principle can apply in respect to this IMO. The Peter Principle in effect states that "we all rise to the level of our incompetency". To me this does not have to be a negative thing, that is my desire is to grow my company to the point where "I" feel it to be manageable, whether that is simply a "mom & pop" operation or that of a multi-million dollar operation. I can honestly say at this point I am certain it will be beyond the solo or mom & pop operation and to some extent was beyond that already in 2005. Will it get to be multi million? Don't know but I sure as heck am enjoying the ride so far gmc
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    Only 6 months in this, but I understand your thoughts. Yes, one day I would love to run a huge operation. I planned to get 2 years of experience part time and them start to grow. Over the winter, I have gotten a little over $25,000 in commercial work. I kept my eyes open and they fell in my lap. I am now debating on hiring someone. I truly believe you will be blessed if you are honest and work hard. Just my thoughts.
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    Most of the guys who do extensive landscaping also employ a landscape architect. You don't have to know a lot about any business to own one. If you employ the right people, they will grow the company for you. The important thing is how that business is managed. That's probably the main reason I never want to have more than 4 employees. I'm just not that good of a manager.sporty Plus I like to be hands on. I'm just looking to make a good living.
    Everybody's vision of a "good living" is different so if you want to go big, do it. If you want to stay small, do it.

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